Angry Gran Run


angry gran runAngry Gran Run a super fun 3D parkour running game online. You take control of an extremely angry granny and you have to keep running in the British capital city London for as long as you can. This will however not be as easy as it seems! There will be many dangerous obstacles standing in your way and you have to act quickly to jump over them or to slide under them. This game will test your reflex skill. You earn coins for hitting punks on the streets. Try to complete as many missions and daily tasks as possible to earn some extra coins. Spend the collected coins for power-ups, consumables or some new costumes for your granny. The power-ups and consumables will increase your running speed, slow down time or multiply the amount of coins you receive etc. Use your A and D keys to move left and right. Press your up arrow key to jump, down arrow key to slide. How far can your Granny run in the streets of London?

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