Exit Path 2


exit path 2Exit Path game is back with a brand new sequel! If you have enjoyed the first Exit Path title by Armor Games, then you will just love this one! You have managed to escape from a facility that was holding you captive in a dystopic world and found an underground society hiding from the Central organization. Your mission is to run around the map, dodge all deadly obstacles and survive. Find a way to the surface and save the world from this evil organization. You can either play as uni-player or try out the two-player mode. Use your arrows or W,A,S,D keys to navigate your character around the obstacle course. Tap up arrow twice for a double jump. Once you get enough momentum, press your space bar to activate a special ability called “Flow”. It will make your character fly for a moment. There is a total of 40 super fun and challenging levels for you to complete in Exit Path 2 game online at Parkour Games! Can you finish them all?

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