Exit Path


exit pathExit Path is a multiplayer running game online. The objective of Exit Path is to run around the obstacle course and reach the exit point at the end of each level to complete it. The path to the exit won’t be easy though! There is one simple rule that you will need to remember and that is crucial in this game: Be as fast as possible! Use your left and right arrows or A,D keys to move your character around the map. Press your up arrow key to jump, hold up arrow to jump higher. Press your down arrow key or S key to slide. Hold your Shift key or space bar for a speed boost. Collect the triangular flairs on your way. There is a total of 30 flairs to collect. You can customize your runner’s name and appearance from the main menu. There are thousands of combinations that will make your character look exactly as you like. How quickly can you reach the exit point in this super awesome parkour running game online called Exit Path?

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