Give Up


give upGive Up is a another addicting parkour game online. It is a game about failure and regret. Your mission is to get through an obstacle course full of deadly objects and survive. Use your left and right arrow keys to move your character into directions. Press your up arrow key to jump, press it once again while in the air to double jump. You will have to time your jumps perfectly to be able to get onto some of the higher situated positions of the game world. Your main goal is to enter the doors at the end of each level to travel to different floors/levels. Watch your current floor and elapsed time indicated at the bottom right. There is a huge GIVE UP button at the bottom left of the screen, push it if you are lost and want to quit the game. But remember, you will always regret the failure, so keep that in mind! Can you complete as many levels of this extremely dangerous obstacle course as possible, while not giving up for as long as you can?

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