Power Pamplona


power pamplonaPower Pamplona is a legendary running game made by the deodorant manufacturer Rexona and you can enjoy it now at Parkour Games! The game is inspired by the famous bull run which takes place every year in the Spanish city called Pamplona. You start your journey in this city and a bull is chasing you. There are 8 European countries you will be running through in this game and you will always be chased by someone. Avoid being caught at all costs, otherwise you will have to restart the level. Use your left and right arrow keys to run into directions, press your space bar to jump. Your current time is displayed on the top of the screen. After each level, you can see your latest level time and the overall time. Try to be as quick as possible and outrun the pursuer. After you have finished the game, try to even improve your own or your friends record. Can you complete all challenging levels of Power Pamplona game at Parkour Games?

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