basketball legendsPrimary is a cool stickman parkour running game online. The human race lived in a vibrant world of color, until the Void arrived to the Prizim tower and started eating it. You become a super soldier called Roy, who was created from the primary colors (red, yellow, blue). Your mission is to climb to the top of the Prizim tower, stop the invasion and save the world. Use your W,A,S,D keys to run and jump. Press R to switch levers or enter lifts and exit doors. Use your left mouse button or J,K,L keys to change your active primary color. You will have to be of the same color as the platforms to be able to walk on top of them. Each of the color also grants you a special ability that can be used to overcome obstacles or to fight enemies (blue to create ice blocks, yellow to become invisible, red to use a flame thrower). Press space bar or S key to use the special abilities. Can you beat the evil Void power and survive in Primary at Parkour Games?

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