Run Ninja Run


run ninja runRun Ninja Run is an action-packed game which is a combination of a fighting and a running games. You play as a ninja who has been captured and has to escape his assailants. Your mission is to jump and slide parkour-style while attacking your enemies at the right moment. Use your up and down arrow keys to jump (double, triple jump) and slide, press space bar to attack. Jump over rocks and crawl underneath them in the right moment. If you don’t manage to avoid hitting any of the obstacles, the game is over. Collect the gold on your way to buy upgrades. Unlock various achievements such as first big jump, first kill, triple jump or completing levels. You can see the amount of collected gold and upgrade your skills after completing each level. You can also see the unlocked achievements between the levels. How many enemy ninjas can you defeat in this highly addicting parkour running game online called Run Ninja Run?

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